A Story to Be Heard began six years ago after a mission trip to Guatemala. I returned to find numerous stories that had flooded the minds of the people who joined me on that trip. From there, I realized that there is something remarkable about the people of Guatemala. Everyone has a story to be heard, and I believe in the power of words. There is power in everyone’s stories and I aspire to give a platform for other people to be heard, known, and for those stories to thrive.


I am Courtney Marie Wetzel, a writer and storyteller, who believes that everyone has a story to be heard. We live in a hustling society, where I myself crave the fast pace, but I believe in the sacredness of rest and sabbath. Oh my goodness, I find inspiration in a slower pace; cool air and the light that comes through my blinds to leave its mark on the wall. I am a girl who yearns to run in her own lane and celebrate other’s victories which is a daily battle.


When I'm not writing, you can find me running around in the early mornings, when the day is greeted by a crisp breeze, and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey motivating me through my headphones, being a Whole 30 gal, (even though some of my friends have told me it is more like Whole 365…), going on walks, and chatting over my personal fave, banana chips and guacamole.